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About Us

Our company is dedicated to making it easier for those interested in growing their own plants. We offer marijuana clones that are clipped at the perfect growth time and sold to you so that you can begin your growing journey with a fresh, nice start. Our clones are cut only from the healthiest mother plants in a variety of different strains so that not only can you pick the strain you are interested in, you can feel confident in the yield that you can expect from your growth.

When you order through us, we will send you the cuttings of your choice straight to your door for your convenience. Our mail order clones will be delivered to your door between two and four days after you order to ensure that it comes to you in the best shape possible. Our Rockwood mediums make it possible for you to plant your clone in the environment that you are most comfortable with, helping to make your growing journey even smoother. Because these clones are rooted, it will make it easier for you to transport them into their final grow homes, whether you intend to plant them outdoors in the soil, indoors in a potted plant or grow them hydroponically.

In order to make a purchase through us, we require that you order a minimum of four clones to be delivered. Our company serves customers all across Canada only and cannot ship anywhere else.

Now that you have the freedom of legalized, recreational cannabis, you can take your love of cannabis into your own hands by growing and cultivating your very own plants using our healthy clones. Take a look at our site today and contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.