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Get high quality and legal marijuana clones shipped directly to your door.

If you’re looking to start your own indoor or outdoor cannabis farm, there’s no easier way than by using healthy cannabis clones to help ensure you end up with a bountiful harvest more quickly and easily.

We pride ourselves on the healthiness of our plants, ensuring that each of our mother plants has good amount of lighting, pH balanced water, and nutrients to ensure they grow up to be strong, sturdy, and most importantly healthy. All of our clones are planted in rockwool, making it easy for you to plant them in soil or use them in your own hydroponics setup.

Once they are clipped, we continue to take care of them until you order them. Once your order is received, we carefully pack them up to ensure no damage happens during shipping. Then once shipped out, they’ll be delivered right to your door within 2 to 4 days. Start your cannabis grow the smart way with, your buds will thank you.

*Note: Please know that we only ship our clones to Canadian addresses.